About Us

Here at Wine Barrel Chairs, we pride ourselves on the high quality and craftsmanship standards we’ve set in the barrel furniture, decor, gifts and home accessories industry.  Constructed with select pieces of Napa Valley white oak wine barrels, each item is carefully crafted and delivered with care. Our products please those with the finest of taste, maintain a minimal carbon footprint and provide a safe, natural furniture. If you prefer natural eco-friendly gifts for your children, our swings and chairs are ideal for you. With a variety of finishes and styles, each product embodies the personality of the wine which it held. Our products are appropriate for Home, Office, Gifts, Holiday, Weddings, Decor, Outdoor, Kids, and of course Wine Enthusiasts everywhere. 

Wine Barrel Chairs is the industry leader in when it comes to Wine Barrel Furniture

and the re-purposing of wine barrels from the Napa region of California.  The often replicated design is our original concept..born from lack of comfortable wine barrel chairs.  Years of experience has inspired us to create comfoet chairs using a streamlined processes and leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Wine Barrel Chairs consistently produces  quality products for homes, businesses and wineries all over the world.